Vision and Mission

The Nineteenth Century Club was established in 1891 by a group of visionary women who believed that education, charitable activities, and civic involvement were vital elements in a thriving community.  The spirit of the founders continues today in the work of the Nineteenth Century Charitable Association through grants, scholarships, and public programming in five areas: art, literature, music, science and social sciences.

Vision: To be a dynamic cultural center for community learning

Mission: Strengthening our community through learning, giving, and sharing our landmark building

The Nineteenth Century Charitable Association (NCCA) is the sole owner of the building at 178 Forest Avenue in Oak Park, known under the historic name of The Nineteenth Century Club. The primary purpose for the building is to support and enable our charitable and educational endeavors.  The charitable and cultural activities are supported by our members (300 plus), volunteers, donors, and by the events held in this facility.  Programs are open to the public and publicly advertised. We are not supported through public tax dollars. The NCCA is an Illinois not-for-profit with a federal tax code as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Diversity Statement: The Nineteenth Century Charitable Association welcomes members of diverse cultures, faiths, genders, orientations, and abilities. We make a point to celebrate differences and respect each other's unique perspectives.