2023-24 Monday Enrichment Series
Sponsorship Opportunities

On 30 Mondays, October through May, the NIneteenth Century Charitable Association puts on a Humanities Program geared for the adult community at 1:15 PM.  These Programs topics rotate through the five humanities:  Literature, Music, Art, Social Science and Science.  The programs will be in person, Zoomed and with permission of the speaker they will be saved to be viewed later through our website.  You may have your brochures available at the in person program. 

2022-23 Facts to show you the exposure your organization will receive for each of these programs:

  • In person attendees – 100-125 weekly for 30 weeks
  • Zoom attendees -  24-30 weekly
  • Saved from website – 50-60 (with no publicity last season) each program
  • Memberslhip 350+
  • Programs free to public


PLUS:  You can publicize to your customers in your newsletters, blogs, etc that you are sponsoring these programs and they are welcome to attend or view. 

Your logo will be on the presentation slides and announced for each program.  It will also be on the back of our Program Booklet if the commitment is received by August 15.



$3000 – ALL 30 Monday Enrichment PROGRAMS – exposure to minimally  6000 people each season

$1000 – CATEGORY – Choose:  Art, Literature, Social Science, Music or Science (1000 to 1200 views)

$ 250 – Single Program (200 views)

TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OPPORTUNITY CALL Ray Ward, Managing Director at 708-386-2729

Or e-mail [email protected]


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ponsor packages run from $100-$1,000. For more information, please contact Renee Drew at 708-386-2729 x 2 or [email protected].