Our 22-23 Monday Enrichment Program Season has ended but the Committee is working on a great series for 2023-2024.  Check in October for the full list.  Want to help us curate an amazing 22-23 Season? 




June 12:  Shadow of a Doubt (1943)     1:30
A psychological thriller in which a young woman slowly realizes her charming uncle is a murderer
Looking for something to do this summer?  Come to the Nineteenth and enjoy a film and discussion led by Doug Deuchler.
Beginning June 12 and continuing on the second Monday of each month through September, we will host a film and discussion group at 1:30.  FREE and open to the public.  ((Donations are, as always, welcome!  Popcorn and soda available for purchase)
Each of the four films has been chosen from the classic works of Alfred Hitchcock, the master of suspense and one of the most influential directors in the history of cinema.  
July 10:  Strangers on a Train (1951):  Two men's lives become entangled after one of them proposes they "trade murders".

August 14:  Notorious (1946):  US agent Cary Grant falls for the daughter (ingrid Bergman) of a convicted Nazi war criminal after World War II.
September 11    Rebecca (1940):  A shy young woman marries a fascinating widower but finds she must live in the shadow of his first wife.
Mark your calendars today!















Meet Ray Ward, Managing Director
The Nineteenth Century Charitable Association is happy to announce that Ray Ward has joined the organization as Managing Director. The Managing Director has an important role working with an active board and supporting their initiatives as well as supervising its employees and assuring maintenance and rental of the historic building near Downtown Oak Park.