The Nineteenth Century Charitable Association has a 130+ year history of helping our community. While our members are the heart of our organization, our building is its body, giving us the ability to reach out to the community and hold programs and events like our Monday Enrichment Program series, Cookies and Cocoa with Santa, and Tai Chi. 

Our building was built in 1928. At almost 100 years old and approximately 15,000 sqft, it needs consistent upkeep. In past years we have been able to make great strides, including renovation of our ballroom, dining rooms, Member Lounge, and the recent addition of our beautiful new carpet. We are now looking at working on the exterior of our building, including roof work and a large project that will ensure our building's Pillars and Portico are safe and beautiful for years to come.

As we don't receive government support, we rely on the community to ensure that our organization will be serving its community for the next 130 years. There are several ways to support the Nineteenth Century Charitable Association: