The Nineteenth Century was established in 1891 by a group of visionary women who believed that the arts, educational opportunities, charitable activities, and civic involvement were vital elements in a thriving community. The spirit of the founders continues for the men and women members today through community outreach, scholarships, and public programming in five areas: music, art, literature, science, and social sciences. This philanthropic organization of like-minded volunteers provides cultural and educational programs, forums and performances that will help to improve the general quality of life in our community.

The Nineteenth Century Club hosts events throughout the year for area not-for-profits and private usage. Approximately 70% of the usage is not-for profit including humanities programming, fundraising events, and meetings. For more information about the events and activities of the Nineteenth Century, please contact The Nineteenth Century is the sole owner of the building at 178 Forest Avenue in Oak Park. The cultural and charitable activities are supported by our members, volunteers, and donors. Programs are open to the public and publicly advertised, however, we are not supported through public tax dollars. As part of our mission of service to the community, the Nineteenth Century provides its accessible space to not for profit organizations in our region. Our space is in regular demand and it is the largest gathering space of its kind in the area.