Mind Boggle

Next Mind Boggle Program: Data Collection, presented by Anne Tan.
Monday, August 31 at 6:30pm on Zoom. Register here.

Mind Boggle was created in 2018 as an evening program that will challenge the audience to view both sides of a topic or issue. Lively debates between the presenter and the audience, and sometimes within the audience debate often occur and all leave the event more informed and invigorated.

Mind Boggle is free and open to the public. Doors open: 6pm. Program begins: 6:30pm. A cash bar is available with premium beer and wine.

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History of Mind Boggle Programs

The Electoral College: Relevant Or Obsolete?   Presenter: Joyce Williams   3/12/20

Is Ranked Choice Voting A Better Way?  Presenter: Clairis Olson 11/7/19
Can Philanthropy Do More Harm Than Good? Co-Presenters: Arianna Cisnerso, Doug Dixson  10/3/19
How To Fight Fake News   Presenter: Charlie Meyerson  8/22/19
What About Vaccines?  Presenter: Dr. Dominic Gaziano  6/27/19
Are Corporations People?  Co-Presenters: Terry Grace And David R. Melton 3/28/19
Are We More Peaceful?  Presenter: Dr. Paul Poast 2/28/19
Should The Death Penalty Be Put To Death? Presenter: Kevin E. Bry, Attorney And Actor 1/24/19
Health Care:  Human Right Or Privilege?  Presenter: Dr. David Ansell 11/8/18
What Good Is The Mind?  Presenter: Gen Zamling, Monk 10/25/18