Nineteenth Activities and Committees

A wide range of activities support the charitable purposes of our organization. These activities focus on programs and events offered to members and the public, fundraising, helping the organization keep running, and some just for fun. Each of these is described briefly here, with contact information.

Building & Grounds reviews and addresses issues, contracts for repairs and manages improvements in our building, its contents, and grounds. It also oversees the coordination and completion of our capital campaign projects.

Community Outreach Committee The committee's mission has always supported local organizations through use of our landmark building and facilities. It conducts outreach activities for holidays, food drives, and other projects. In addition, it will continue to explore ways to link club members to other not-for-profit organizations.

Development Committee plans, oversees, and coordinates all fundraising activities.

Legal Issues investigates and reports to the Board on current legal issues such as the organization’s not-for-profit status, tax status/strategy/appeals, and negotiations involving the parking lot and the building. 

Mahjong players meet weekly on Tuesdays for Hong Kong rules  year-round in our building. Mahjong is a fundraising activity where players contribute money based on the game. Each year the players determine which charitable fund will receive the proceeds.

Marketing/Public Relations activities include a monthly member newsletter, website, social media and regular digital and printed media advertising. 

Membership Committee actively promotes membership, welcomes and supports new members and guests; distributes new member forms and renewals, directories and other materials. 

Member to Member Pilot Project Club members have always informally provided support for each other. This initiative offers temporary assistance based on member input. The committee will create a network of volunteers, while encouraging community, personal connections, and friendships.

Needle Arts Friends sews kimonos, bonnets and blankets; knit/crochet hats, scarves, gloves, sweaters, booties and blankets for facilities serving children in our community. 

Programs: Members of the Art, Music, Literature, Science and Social Science committees seek out, select and contract with presenters for 30+ programs each year. 

Scholarship Committee: reviews and evaluates applications, interviews applicants, evaluates applicants to award scholarship; organizes fundraisers to generate income. 

Special Activities organizes group outings for members and friends, and collaborative events with other local community organizations.

String-A-Longs members make and sell unique beaded lanyards for holding name badges as a fundraising activity.