2016-17 Grants

The Nineteenth Century Charitable Association (NCCA) supports many area organizations in Oak Park, River Forest and Forest Park.  We host several major fundraisers each year which are open to the public; the net proceeds are designated for the support of community organizations.  Grants are distributed at the first October Monday program.

  • Oak-Leyden Developmental Services - Funding developmental play groups for children who do not qualify for Early Intervention or Early Childhood assistance through the state.  Also will foster occupational, physical and speech therapy for children as well as provide parent education in ways to foster further developmental skills at home.  www.oak-leyden.org
  • Pro Bono Network - Supporting legal aid for low-income seniors on the west side. www.pro-bono-network.org
  • Oak Park River Forest Community Foundation - FUTURE PHILANTHOPISTS PROGRAM - Supporting and providing space for a unique youth leadership program in which a select group of high school students learn the art and science of philanthropy.  www.oprfcf.org
  • Ping - Funding music camp scholarships for low income families of Oak Park and River Forest for the summer of 2017.  
  • Oak Park Art League - Supporting an art exhibition in May, 2017 aligned with the celebration of Frank Lloyd Wright's 150th birthday in which artists will create original works inspired by objects, ornaments, and architecture within Oak Park.  www.oakparkartleague.org

If you would like to help support projects such as these, donate here at any time during the year.